Start your own

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are single, and thousands of platforms and apps offer them opportunities to get in touch with that someone new. A profile, a few pictures and you’re all set to find and be found. But over 65% of all singles prefer a more discrete way to look for a new partner.

Our platform is an old concept in a new and modern design. Personal ads or lonely hearts ads, up to 750 characters in length, which can be managed 24/7. No pictures and no other personal data are published. And if someone replies to an ad the message is automatically wrapped in a .pdf and forwarded to the person who posted the ad. This way even the most personal messages can be sent without any third party seeing them.

We have reached a point where we can start expanding our business, and you can be part of it. In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany we are looking for one representative per region or state. And soon we will expand our search to other countries.

We rent out the commercial rights per region or state per year. All income derived from personal ads people post online are yours. And as within your state or region you can also build your own network of affiliates your income has a tremendous potential.

We have a lot of information available on how you too can get started, which we wil publish online soon. For the link please keep an eye on this page. As soon as all information has been published we will share the link to it here.