Start your own…

This is the ideal source of income for people who want to combine a niche-business which they can run from their home with the potential of an extremely handsome income. To get started all you need is 3.600 euro for the personaliation of some administrative and technical matters. But where lots of people can pay the costs not all are cut out for this business.

So the payment has no priority to us. What we need from you is your time and energy. Your region can be yours if you manage to get 250 lonely hearts ads online. The idea behind that is that if you manage to reach that goal you have proven to us you’re the one we need. Making a payment is easy, but making sure that 250 ads are posted online is a whole different ballgame.

We have divided our website into 12 (UK) and 50 (USA) parts. One per region or state. Now think about this: what if you can offer companies an opportunity to advertise nation-wide all year round at just 18.000 euro? What if 50 businesses in your region take the offer and you get a 40% commission out of wat they pay? That would be 360.000 euro. Nice.

So, in terms of income the commercial ads alone already have a tremendous potential.